About Me

HeadshotBonjour!  My name is Rachel Sabre.  Welcome to my online portfolio.

My language learning journey began some twenty years ago when I had a chance to live and work in France.  When I first arrived I wondered what I had gotten myself into and refused to say a word in French to anyone.  I barley spoke the language, having only had a brief crash course in the basics before I left.  I was much like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, hoping that if I clicked my heels together three times I would be magically transported back home.  But I soon realized that going home was not an option and I might as well get with the program.

I soon realized that the French were not as unfriendly as everyone claimed them to be.  They were actually quite nice and appreciated that I was willing to try and speak their language instead of expecting them to speak mine.  I discovered so many new and wonderful things.  I no longer wanted to go home but relished every moment.  My life in France was so different that my life back home in the States and I loved it.  I loved discovering new things, new places and new ways of doing things. I loved the people,  their sense of humor and way of life.  France had become my adopted home.

When I came back to the United States and returned to my university studies, I had some decisions to make. I could finish the work I started and become an elementary teacher or change my major and continue my love affair with France and the French. I must admit, the fact that I had fallen head over heels for a certain frenchman and my future husband, made my decision quite easy.

I have been teaching French for 15 years, the last eight of which have been at Thornton High School in Thornton, CO.  I enjoy teaching all levels of French, from beginners to advanced, and have had the privilege, for the last several years, of teaching in the International Baccalaureate Program at the Middle Years and Diploma level.


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